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Produce new style kimono.
The only one in the world.

We are manufacturing and selling various kinds of clothes made from kimono fabric.
Using high quality material to make exceptional creations out of good design and sewing patterns.
It is our aim to make only one piece of a kind, guaranteeing utmost customer satisfaction.
Modern people of all ages wearing our clothes, resembling the culture of the beautiful Japanese kimono.
Every single piece is original designed and carefully finished one by one to fit comfortably.
Please enjoy our work, it comes from the heart.

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19th-21th March 2022

Kobe Hyogo JAPAN

We are looking for buyer and shop.
Please contact us if you are interested in our product.



1172-322 Ikuno, Dojyocho, Kitaku, Kobeshi

Hyogo JAPAN 651-1503


Tel: 078 202 9723​

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